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Shaun vs. Bubba Ho-tep (2002)

bubba1Directed by Don Coscarelli

Starring Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis and and Ella Joyce

An elderly man who may actually be Elvis Presley teams up with a black man who is convinced he’s JFK to take on a soul-sucking mummy intent on making a meal out of those living in their quiet nursing home.

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Shaun vs. Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998)

4phanDirected by Don Coscarelli

Starring A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm

The Tall Man pursues Michael across the Earth, other dimensions and even through time as Michael learns more about his enemy.  Reggie is still stuck trying to save Mike from doing something stupid and fights off evil minions in order to get to Mike before the Tall Man does.

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