nazi exploitation

Shaun vs. SS Hellcamp (1977)

The residents of a small European town fight back against the atrocities put upon them by a nearby Nazi laboratory.

Judging a Book by its Cover

-It really looks like the big scary German guy is trying to look at whatever the hell that thing is attacking the hot woman.

-Also, what the hell is that thing attacking the hot woman?

-Something tells me I won’t be enjoying much of this movie.

Your days are numbered!

Directed by Luigi Batzella

Starring Gino Turini, Macha Magall and Edilio Kim

The film wastes no time getting into (allegedly) sick Nazi depravities with Ilsa Dr. Ellen Kratsch (Magall) inviting a nude female prisoner into her lab.  She invites the woman to see her new experiment — a naked hairy midget — and throws her into the cage with it.  The nazis watch on for an uncomfortable amount of time as the creature rapes her to death and then a bit more after the death.  If you’re going to be evil, might as well go all the way.  Dr. Kratsch believes her work will help the Third Reich in ways I’m sure we’re not meant to comprehend.

I can totally see them coming out to the nWo music.

After that shocking opening scene, the film steps away from that nastiness to a nearby village where the local townspeople are getting tired of the Germans and a resistance group attempts to fight back.  The Germans don’t take kindly to the uprising, however, and take the majority of the older citizens and the children as well as any males they can grab to torture for information and maybe just for shits and giggles while the resistance plots their final attack.

The film then decides it’s time for us get to know some of the characters in a long, boring stretch of what they call character development.  I’m not sure the American distributor understood what the characters were saying yet they overstuffed the dialogue with a lot of badly dubbed expositional tirades that eventually took me out of the film to the point that I nearly fell asleep until the next torture scene came on to startle me awake.

After seeing all the torture beforehand, lets lighten the mood with this funny scene!

SS Hellcamp wears its “exploitation” badge proudly on its shoulder.  There were quite a few scenes that made my jaw drop.  While the nazis ransack the nearby town, one soldier tosses a baby up in the air while another shoots it dead then immediately turns the gun on its mother.  The torture scenes include genital mutilation which is never pleasant to watch.  And there are several (!) rape scenes involving that hairy guy in the cage.  And all he does is grunt and howl at the camera –which is far too close to his face — while humping a poor woman and in one case, grabbing a handful of pubes at eating them.  Yes, movie, we get it, you’re very sick.

Please stop.

An obvious low budget Italian clone of the earlier released Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS , SS Hellcamp goes to great lengths to be at least as graphic as the former film, if not more so, but balances that shocking content with long stretches of boring dialogue that bore the viewer to tears.  If it’s not one extreme it’s another.  If you need your nazi exploitation fix, I’d just stick with the Ilsa films.


Story: 3 – A resistance fights back against a Nazi lab led by a female doctor who believes her experiments will help the Third Reich although I’m not sure how a hairy rapist will help them at all.

Blood: 8 – While the majority of the gunfire seen doesn’t produce bullet holes, the film does deliver plenty of gory torture scenes including the genitals.  The rape scenes are also uncomfortably long.

Nudity: 9 – There is plenty of full frontal nudity from both sexes but they’re rarely ever seen in a sexual light.

Overall: 3 – The movie goes from shocking to boring and back and forth throughout.  Even in a small subgenre such as “nazi exploitation” there are better options to watch.


-Currently still banned in Australia and the United Kingdom where it was originally classified as a dreaded “video nasty” and I totally get why.

-There is a fair amount of war scene footage taken from another film that was repurposed for this film.

-An alternate title for the film is “The Beast in Heat” and I totally get why.

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