Tag: 2002

Shaun vs. Bubba Ho-tep (2002)

Directed by Don Coscarelli Starring Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis and and Ella Joyce An elderly man who may actually be Elvis Presley teams up with a black man who is convinced he’s JFK to take on a soul-sucking mummy intent on making a meal out of those living […]

Shaun vs. The Greenskeeper (2002)

Directed by Kevin Greene, Adam Johnson and Tripp Norton Starring Allelon Ruggiero, Melissa Ponzio, and John Rocker A group of horny rich kids decide to party after hours at the golf club where they become victims to a killer dressed as a greenskeeper who dispatches them with various […]

Shaun vs. The Wishmaster Series

idea behind “Wishmaster” may not be the most original, but at least in the right hands it could be imaginative and entertaining.  And it was!  Unfortunately in the wrong hands, it can turn into a big turd.  In this case, the series came out with three turds out […]