Shaun vs. Sorority House Massacre 2 (1990)


Directed by Jim Wynorski

Starring Robyn Harris, Melissa Moore, Stacia Zhivago and Peter Spellos

Five university gals buy a house and plan on turning it into a new sorority house but they discover they got it so cheap because of a series of brutal murders that happened years earlier.  After a seance involving a ouija board doesn’t go as well as planned, the girls start getting killed one by one.  Is the creepy neighbour with ties to the earlier killings involved or have the girls really unleashed a demonic spirit?


While moving into the newly bought house, five gorgeous students decided to stay the night and wait for the movers to arrive in the morning.  They meet Orville Ketchum, the creepy neighbour who tells them about the shocking murders that happened in the house five years earlier.  He gives them the key to the basement which was locked up after the murders. 

Naturally, they eventually head into the basement to look around and they find a ouija board among the other items found.  The girls decide to have a go at the board by the fireplace since there’s no electricity to do anything else.  After a long shower scene, the girls get dressed up in their sexiest lingerie and undies and party it up as much as you can with a ouija board.  They decide on who they want to talk to: the spirit of the guy who committed the murders in the house.  Brilliant idea!  It’s not long after that the girls are being spied on by stalked by an intruder in the house and brutally murdered with a hook.  They try to leave the house but Orville is outside watching them so he might the killer.


I can think of at least a couple of reasons to watch the movie.

If you’ve see Jim Wynorski’s name in movies, you may have an idea of what you’re getting into.  His horror films tend to be hilariously bloody and usually there’s big breasted women showing off and this is no different.  This is one of those sleazy slasher flicks that delivers everything a (male) horror fan would like to enjoy, which is lots of blood and boobs.  The storyline, taking a backseat to everything else, is pretty straightforward with a twist towards the end that’s not insultingly bad. 

There’s actually a side plot involving a pair of cops who are investigating Orville in regards to the murders.  One of the cops is dead sure he was involved and sets out to prove his theory.  These cops are in the movie for maybe ten minutes and the longest scene involves them being in a strip club and watching the show because apparently there hasn’t been enough breast shots in the movie.  But that’s Jim Wynorski, going that extra mile.


What the film’s average viewer looks like.

The acting isn’t something I was going to harp on too badly, as these girls are doing the best they can given this type of film.  I’m not expecting great performances from actresses  who probably weren’t hired on their acting abilities so much as their ability to fill out tight lingerie and then take it off.  I’ll just say that they’re very good at what they do. 

The movie is pretty bloody.  Most of the killings are done off screen with a loud scream but there’s always a huge splattering of blood on the wall immediately afterward to indicate that the poor lady is dead.  The movie keeps things simple for the most part though it does mix things up occasionally…like with a bear trap. 


Spoiler: She’s not going to make it!

This film is a perfect example of B-movie sleaze and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.  With this film you know what you’re going to expect, who just have to hope it doesn’t suck, and SHM2 surprisingly doesn’t suck.  Unless you hate movies with a silly plot, lots of boobs and a smattering of gore, in that case why are you reading this blog?


Story: 5 – Pretty standard slasher fare with a decent twist on the story towards the end.

Blood: 6 – Doesn’t seem quite as violent today as it was back then, it still has a decent amount of gore.

Nudity: 10 – Well, yeah.  These ladies are either naked or in their undies for about 2/3 of the running time.  Bazinga?  Did I use that right?

Overall: 6 – Nothing special but combines boobs and blood with a silly but entertaining story and wraps it up in a quick 80 minute package. 


– The footage used for the murder flashbacks was from the original Slumber Party Massacre.  That series as well as the Sorority House Massacre series were both produced by Roger Corman’s studio and the man is notorious for pinching pennies hence the re-use of footage.

– The film was written and shot over one week.

– Has nothing to do with the original Sorority House Massacre.

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