Shaun vs. Sleazy Pete (2017)

A dope dealing priest in the future polices the streets of pedophiles and mutants while peddling a drug to cure those sickened by a plague.  What happens in the future for this to happen??

Judging a Book by its Cover



– My first question is if that’s Sleazy Pete’s butt.

– Second question is what kind of movie am I going to watch?

– Mmm, a cough syrup chaser with a fart blasted sandwich.  Bleh.







Directed by Frank Appache

Starring Jayy Ferst, Yannick Lemos and Noah Coderre

In a post-apocalyptic future where mutants roam the streets, a Church has taken to dealing a popular drug as a cure to a plague known as “God’s Flakes”  and they peddle it on the streets with their priesthood. One such priest, known as Sleazy Pete, is doing his evening rounds and happens upon a pedophile giving a young boy some grief for not enticing more children to his van.  A quick knife fight ends with a surprisingly gory finish as we quickly learn that either Brother Pete is also a street judge or maybe just enjoys killing in the name of you know who.

The film continues with Pete out on the town with Hedix, a newly promoted dope dealer learning from the master.  Their mission is to find a body that was being transported with “God’s Flakes” inside and they violently interrogate those involved and find their bounty.  Afterwards, they are attacked by a mutant and the fight doesn’t go well for one of them though a trio of Church or Flake-loving hoodlums take care of the mutant for Pete leaving him in a pickle as the credits roll leaving me wanting more.

Jayy Ferst plays Brother Pete with maniacal glee as he more often than not winds up killing someone in every scene.  He also provides most of the film’s oddball sense of humour which was appreciated.  The film is quite bloody and features a caved in skull, a head torn off the neck and lots of gooey gun shot wounds to make gorehounds happy.

Labeled a proof of concept short based off a trailer known as Shepherd of Death (please click here to view the trailer) Sleazy Pete is a quick and dirty film that doesn’t bother explaining how the world got this bad, you just know shit went down.  That may not go over well with some viewers but it’s done for the sake of providing more punch in the film’s brief running time.  I watched the film twice to get a better feel for it and while I wanted more backstory that’s the only major complaint I have; the film is overall a fun watch.


Story: 7 – A dope dealing priest in the future polices the streets of pedophiles and mutants while peddling a drug to cure those sickened by a plague.  Fun!

Blood: 8 – There’s a lot of red gravy in the short running time.

Nudity: 0 – Maybe next time.

Overall: 8 – While the lack of explanation for this post apocalyptic scenario may bother some, it’s to maximize what Sleazy Pete can do in fifteen minutes and hopefully there’ll be a more fleshed out feature in the future.


The budget for the film was $2500 and filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Sleazy Pete had its world premiere at 2017’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

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