Shaun vs. Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989)

silent1Directed by Monte Hellman

Starring Bill Moseley, Samantha Scully, Richard Beymer and Robert Culp

Ricky Caldwell, the killer from the last film, wakes up from a coma after developing a telepathic bond with a blind psychic woman and then naturally wakes up and continues his killing ways as he hunts her down.

When your nightmare ends, the real terror begins.

The film takes place six years after the last film ended with Ricky (now played by genre vet Bill Moseley) getting shot up by the police following his infamous “garbage day” massacre.  Surviving multiple gun shot wounds, Ricky has been in a coma all this time and Dr. Newbury (Beymer) has taken it upon himself to attempt to repair Ricky’s damaged brain, who for some reason is outfitted with some sort of fish bowl-looking device around his head so we can see his brain.  Ok…  A blind woman with psychic abilities named Laura (Scully) volunteers for an experiment for Dr. Newbury who wants her to make contact with Ricky through their dreams.  Laura is subjected to Ricky’s memories through nightmares which mainly consist of footage from the first movie.  Laura balks at doing any more research, it’s Christmas Eve and she has to get to grandma’s house.  Seriously.


I feel like there was something I was supposed to do.

Laura is picked up by her brother and his new girlfriend who Laura is cold to immediately.  In fact, Laura treats everyone like shit as she takes her psychic frustrations out on people around her.  Back at the hospital, Ricky wakes up from his coma and takes out a drunken Santa Claus, some hospital staff then hitches a ride to grandma’s house since he’s tuned into Laura’s mind.  Dr. Newbury hitches a ride with a chatty police lieutenant (Culp) who can’t believe that Ricky was being kept alive.  The movie culminates in a showdown between Laura and Ricky at grandma’s house and by the time it’s over I wish I could get that 90 minutes back.


Where do I begin?  The story reeks of a script that was written first and then messed around to incorporate elements from Silent Night, Deadly Night so they could slap the name on the box cover.  I felt bad for Bill Moseley playing Ricky as a recently awakened coma victim.  He walks slower than Frankenstein in January, again wearing a friggin’ glass bowl on his head, and only has a few lines of dialogue with the majority of them delivered with a drawn out whisper.  Maybe he’s lucky in that respect because a lot of the dialogue is awful anyway, which is really unfortunate because the film is loaded with long, talky scenes that not only slow the movie down to a crawl but feel like they’re meant to be filler scenes to extend the running time.  Make no mistake, the movie is bad and dull.


Now I remember!


Story: 2 – It’s a convoluted mess of shitty ideas, badly written dialogue and characters.

Blood: 4 – Most of the kills are done off screen or unseen on camera (even the old footage is edited to take out blood for some reason.)  Decent amount of blood spatter shown after the fact.

Nudity: 6 – Laura Harring shows off in a bathtub.

Overall: 2 – Honestly, it was hard to watch simply because it’s boring.  Mix in bad writing, unlikeable characters and the general silliness of everything that happens and it’s easy to recommend you avoid this flick.


-The movie was re-written several times and the original screenplay was subsequently used for the next sequel, Initiation.


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