Shaun vs. Aerobicide a.k.a. Killer Workout (1987)


Directed by David Prior

Starring Marcia Karr, David James Campbell and Fritz Matthews

There’s a killer on the loose and singling out the hot chicks (and a couple of random dudes) at a gym owned by a woman whose past may be tied to the events happening now.


Rhonda runs a gym and is having a hard time keeping it running.  Her trainers are late for their workout appointments, the male trainers leer at the incredibly stunning gym members and to top it all off, some asshole is going around killing the gym members.  All to a cheese-tastic 80’s pop soundtrack!

I’ll come right out and say it, this film is not good, though part of me thinks that it’s purposely done that way.  Despite the nonsensical plot, horrible acting, hilarious fight scenes and the run time of the film padded by watching women work out like the creepy pervs at your local gym do, I watched it all the way through and was a little bit entertained by what I watched.


This is what the filmmakers cared about the most, might as well enjoy it.

There’s not much of a so called “plot” in this movie until near the end where the investigator of the murders puts forth a story that might make the most sense.  If you’re hoping to at least hear the motive behind the killings, you won’t get a definitive answer to that.  Also, while the film makes you guess who the killer is, it gives up and just shows you who it is and later on still introduces potential suspects even though it’s given away the surprise.  But maybe you won’t remember because the film contains many scenes with mostly female gym members working out in tight spandex clothing and low-cut shirts.


He gave his brain a workout.

In fact, I’d say a good quarter of the film’s run time is dedicated to these scenes.  It’s certainly expected, especially for the setting, but the camera focuses on these women for several minutes without cutting away.  It’s as if the filmmakers had nothing left in the tank and decided to extend the run time by showing hot women working out, which is fine but it just goes on and on.  I guess it’s better the time went to show that then the hilariously awful fight scenes.  Since this is the 80’s, everyone was into martial arts so while the fights are mostly long fist fights, sometimes some martial arts is thrown into the mix to hilarious effect.


On second thought, put those away.

The film is as standard a slasher as it can be as far as the killings go.  The killer uses what looks to be a giant safety pin to stab at their victims so there’s a decent amount of blood but certainly not over the top.  Some guy gets punched in the face with some dumbbells just for variety. Nothing too special.

The film can be entertaining but not for anything intentional, aside from the gratuitous amounts of nudity and cleavage on display, of course.  Hammy acting, badly choreographed fight scenes, and a paper-thin plot certainly make this a bad film but because of how bad these scenes come off, it’s actually a fun movie at times.


Story: 2 – I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the main focus for the filmmakers.  In fact, I found the soundtrack to drown out some of the actors lines and appreciated the music more than the acting.

Blood: 4 – Mostly consisting of bloody stabbings, there is the aforementioned dumbbells to the face and also an exploding tanning machine because why not?

Nudity: 8 – Plenty of female flesh on display throughout most of the movie.

Overall: 4 – There’s no two ways about it, it’s an awful movie but thankfully it’s so damn bad that you can’t help but laugh at the film.  It doesn’t make much sense so you can turn your brain off and enjoy it for what it is.  Trashy fun.


-The director and director of photography allegedly argued over most of the shots in the film.  This film had a director of photography?  For what, the boobs?

-You’ll never catch me staring at women working out at the gym.  It’s just rude.  Also, I’m never there.

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