Shaun vs. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

The evil genie is released from his gem again during a museum heist gone wrong.  He goes to jail to collect souls in preparation to take over our world while our heroine has a crisis of faith and turns to Jesus to help her in her fight.

Judging a Book by its Cover

Oh evil has been summoned….again??  Brilliant tag line for a sequel.  I hope this lack of marketing creativity doesn’t foreshadow the lack of creativity in the movie.

Speaking of creativity — all caps on top and middle of the poster but the subtitle is lower case?  Come on!

Look at those bags hanging under his eyes, do djinns never sleep?

Mr. Djinn isn’t looking straight ahead, I wonder what caught his attention.

Evil never dies, but it may bore you to death.

Directed by Jack Sholder

Starring Andrew Divoff, Holly Fields and Paul Johansson

During a failed museum robbery, a shoot out between the thieves and guards breaks open the case where the gem of the Djinn is housed. Morgana, our heroine, of course steals it while her boy toy gets shot…to death.  She escapes but drops the gem after accidentally awakening the evil djinn inside. As she leaves the museum, the Djinn is released into our world again and out for souls!  Appearing in human form, he takes the rap for the robbery and goes to prison where he can freely collect souls from men who believe they have nothing to lose at this point. However, where he needed only a few souls to charge his gem in the first time, this time around he needs 1001! That’s a big jump from what he needed before. While he’s doing that, Morgana has a crisis of faith and goes to her friend and priest for help and guidance.



The one aspect you’d hope would be at least worth the price of admission are the twisted wishes gone wrong, the bread and butter of the original.  A couple are mildly amusing — the “I wish my lawyer would fuck himself” scene is good for a chuckle — but the gory parts are mostly kept to a minimum.  Those who remember the big party scenes from the original will have something similar to look forward to when the Djinn arrives in Las Vegas, which leads to people getting attacked by playing cards and a roulette table!



If it’s one thing I’ve noticed about low budget movie sequels (the original film cost only $5 million; this movie is only half that) is the need to push more of a story since they don’t have the budget for the awesome practical effects like they did the first time around.  That’s certainly alright as long as the story that’s presented isn’t godawful stupid.  When Morgana goes to her former boy toy who’s become a priest, we are once again given the tried and true “religion can defeat true evil” cliche.  In fact, the heroine uses religion quite a bit, but anytime it’s used against the Djinn, he laughs it off because it’s meaningless to him.  Yet they keep trying because it’s apparently all they have.  Pretty stupid.



I will always say that Andrew Divoff is the main reason to watch the movie, but even he has only so much to work with.  He’s mostly outside of his genie make up and sticking to his Nathaniel Demarest alter ego, which makes sense considering he’s in a prison and needs a lot of souls before he can get to his endgame.  No one seems to mind that this guy has magical powers; he even kills poor Zeus (Tiny Lister) in a ridiculous dance sequence.  I never thought I’d write a sentence like that but here we are!

The movie doesn’t do a very good job of keeping with the continuity of the genie rules established in the first film. The Djinn always has to grant the wishes but when the time comes for Morgana to make her three wishes —  you know, the ones he really wants to grant — he dismisses them.  Stupid, right?  The original film’s story was silly but over the top fun to watch, this sequel is boring, stupid and bound to put you to sleep.


Story: 3 – Mostly the same story as before but wrapped around the “religion vs. evil” cliche that bogs down the film quite a bit.

Blood: 5 – The casino scene has most of the bloodletting and easily the highlight but all the other mangled wishes are aimed more for laughs than blood.

Boobs: 1 – More tight clothes, come on!

Overall: 4 – Andrew Divoff is always fun to watch and most of the kills are decent.  The rest of the film is a bit rough to get through.


Actor Corey Haim made an uncredited appearance (as a burglar in the museum scene) as a joke for his girlfriend Holly Fields who plays Morgana.

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