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Shaun vs. Monster Squad (1987)

Count Dracula has come to America after intercepting Frankenstein’s Monster in an airplane.  Along with the Mummy, Wolfman and Creature from the Black Lagoon, they will rule over mankind.  The only thing stopping them is the Monster Squad — a group of pre-teens who know their horror movies.

Shaun vs. Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998)

Directed by Don Coscarelli Starring A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm The Tall Man pursues Michael across the Earth, other dimensions and even through time as Michael learns more about his enemy.  Reggie is still stuck trying to save Mike from doing something stupid and fights […]

Shaun vs. Phantasm II (1988)

Directed by Don Coscarelli Starring James Legros, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm Surviving the events of the previous film, Michael and Reggie team up to hunt the Tall Man down once and for all after Michael’s brother and Reggie’s family are done in by the killer undertaker from another world.