Shaun vs. Jack O’Lantern (2004)

A pumpkin-headed creature is unknowingly let loose by a young man who suffered greatly after a car accident a year prior and it attacks those responsible for the accident.  No, this isn’t Pumpkinhead.


Judging a Book by its Cover




-Oh, the cover is just a part of the creature’s face.  How cool and original!


-It doesn’t look much like a pumpkinhead…but it does have Freddy’s glove, apparently.


-Are the houses in the top corners necessary?  Does this thing live in a suburb?




Evil lives in everything.

Directed by Ron McLellen

Starring Dave Watkins, Tracy Yarkoni and Justice Leak

The film opens with a very long introduction scene involving a couple of cannibalistic hillbillies hunting down a trio of stoners but they are mostly taken down by a creature lurking in the darkness of the woods.  The end, I guess?  The film skips ahead a year and we’re introduced to Jack, a sometimes mute teenager who survived a car accident a year prior which messed him up.  He happens upon a wart-covered pumpkin and carves a crude-looking jack o’lantern, which leaks blood when stabbed.  This one’s gone bad!


“For the love of God, put me in a better movie!”

Not long after “The Carvening,” some of the young adults in town are getting killed off in gruesome ways by the same creature from before.  This thing goes after those responsible for the accident that killed Jack’s family and turned him into what he is.  Unfortunately, Jack is forced to witness the kills through the creature’s eyes.  Boy, this sounds kind of familiar.


“For the love of God, put me out of my misery!”

I’m just gonna cut to the chase because I’m running behind.  This movie is ass.  Everything from the ultra cheap, handi-cam look of the film to the “actors” quality, inane plot that liberally borrows from a similar, better film and dear lord that jack o’lantern killer looks fucking awful.  At first I was wondering when I’d see the monster because it was usually off screen but once I saw it, I’d rather it had gone back into the dark where it belongs.  What a goofy thing to look at, what a waste of time.


Story: 2 – Dumb kid carves a pumpkin that brings about a killer that focuses on those responsible for making the kid dumb.

Blood: 3 – A lot of the kill scenes are edited to shit but there’s some blood splatter to be seen but that requires you to watch the movie.

Nudity: 0 – Maybe there was but I lost interest in anything the movie had to offer.

Overall: 1 – Pfffffffft.  Jack O’Lantern is a big, smelly fart of a trick to play on someone.


-The creature was most often played by director Ron McLellen


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