Category: Full Moon Month

Shaun vs. Evil Bong (2006)


A group of college stoners order a possessed bong from an ad and find out it has magical properties while also delivering a quality high.  Oh, the bong is also alive and whisks them off to a dream world to meet their hilarious and untimely dooms. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Evil Bong (2006)”

Shaun vs. Puppet Master II (1990)

pm1Directed by David Allen

Starring Elizabeth Maclellan, Collin Bernsen, Steve Welles, and Charlie Spradling

Running dangerously low on juice, the puppets of Andre Toulon use what’s left of their magic elixir to bring their master back from the dead to make more all the while paranormal researchers are investigating the hotel for suspicious activity.  Aren’t they in for a surprise? Continue reading “Shaun vs. Puppet Master II (1990)”

Shaun vs. Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (2008)

ginger1Directed by Silvia St. Croix

Starring K-von Moezzi, Kelsey Sanders and Joseph Porter

A failing low-budget movie studio is on the verge of bankruptcy if the son of the former studio’s owner can’t turn the next film, which is already in shambles, into a hit.  The scenario gets much worse when a box of donuts containing the serial killer turned gingerbread man shows up and slashes his way through the filmmakers trying to transfer his soul into a human body again. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (2008)”