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Shaun vs. Frightmare aka The Horror Star (1983)

fright1Directed by Norman Thaddeus Vane

Starring Ferdinand Mayne, Jennifer Starrett and Jeffrey Combs

A group of horror film students kidnap the body of a recently deceased horror film star to give him a proper send off though the party is pooped when the body reanimates and delivers a final performance. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Frightmare aka The Horror Star (1983)”

Shaun vs. The Sleepaway Camp Series

sleep1The mid-80’s were a tough time for a horror movie, it was a very crowded genre with a new release coming out almost every other week, or so it seemed.  It took a lot for a movie to look different from the others, which all look alike after a while.  One movie tried to be a little different and that was Sleepaway Camp.  Those that have seen it, will always remember it for its shocking ending. It was well received enough to warrant sequels so the series continued on in the even more crowded direct to video market, though without series creator Robert Hiltzik.  If you were the type of person looking for boobs and blood in your slasher, the new filmmakers were more than happy to help out with that.  After the third film, the series went on a long hiatus until 2008 when the original creator came back to film the last film in the series to date.  So click below to share in the strange glory that is the Sleepaway Camp series. Continue reading “Shaun vs. The Sleepaway Camp Series”