Shaun vs. Mausoleum (1983)


Directed by Michael Dugan

Starring Bobbie Bresee, Marjoe Gortner and Norman Burton

A young girl inherits a family curse and becomes possessed by a demon when she matures into a Playboy model and it’s up her to psychiatrist to help!  That sounds…exciting…?


So the movie starts with a little girl named Susan who is shockingly heartbroken over her mother’s death and flees the funeral, running into a nearby mausoleum where she becomes possessed by a demon living in the crypt.  It allows her to blow the head off some poor hobo who just happened to pass by…a mausoleum…in the middle of the day…to check on a little girl.  Maybe it’s good she got possessed that one time.


…is it that time of the month?

Fast forward enough years to make her a former Playboy bunny (Bresee) and the demonic powers have matured with age and Susan’s husband becomes aware of her acting a bit strange while under possession.  He suggests she see her psychiatrist, Dr. Andrews, who has been helping her ever since her mother died.  And after all these years the doctor never realized she had demonic powers developing at all?  Do they not cover that in Psychiatry 101?  Glowing green eyes may be a dead giveaway.



Susan starts letting loose on anyone who just pisses her off.  She blows up her drunken ex in his car for ruining her mood at the club.  She gives the lecherous gardner exactly what he wants in the bedroom then ruins his weekend by killing him with a claw hammer (why a supernaturally themed film would suddenly become a common slasher film is beyond me.)  Even Susan’s aunt gets her rib cage torn out a bit before being dropped over a balcony..  I’ll give the movie some credit, the effects can be gory when it wants to be though the make up effects for Susan’s increasingly demonic possessions look beyond hilarious.


He might’ve deserved that.

The film is a bit on the boring side whenever Susan isn’t around to titilate with her multiple nude scenes (a-thankyou!) and blowing people’s minds with her freaky voodoo.  There’s no secret to learn behind the curse, the family’s just cursed.  This shit happens to them, I guess.  The film is just another stab at trying to be the next “Exorcist” which it fails miserably at but I’ll give it this one caveat: it’s better than “Exorcist II: The Heretic.”  


Story: 3 – Ridiculous to follow at times, it’s a silly “possession” film that lacks quality story-telling and runs out of gas long before the film ends.

Blood: 7 – I can’t walk away saying the movie doesn’t deliver in this category.  Head blowing up, stabbings, impalement, rib cages torn out, face slicing…Susan was pissed.

Nudity: 7 – Bobbie Bresee (a former Playboy model if I hadn’t mentioned that yet) has multiple topless scenes and a few sex scenes.  The filmmakers didn’t squander that talent.

Overall: 4 – You can probably make it through based on the gore and Ms. Bresee’s assets alone, which is enough for some, but it’s hard to keep interest in anything beyond those qualities.  


-The “curse” in the film is on any female of the “Nomed” family, which if you spell it backwards is “Demon.”  Very subtle.

-Star Bobbie Bresee received possessed voice coaching from the same voice actress heard in “The Exorcist.” Even more subtle!

-Bresee stated during the film’s DVD commentary that the filmmakers installed bleachers so the crew could watch the big sex scene.  Classy.

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