Shaun vs. Pledge Night (1990)


A fraternity is under attack from a vengeful spirit of a hippie named Sid that died in a pledge hazing gone bad twenty years earlier.

I pledge never to watch this again!  

Directed by Paul Ziller

Starring Todd Eastland, Dennis Sullivan and Craig Derrick

It wasn’t until about half an hour into the film that it reminded me that it was a horror flick.  Before that reminder, the film was coming off like some sort of knock off of “Animal House” as I watched fraternity brothers test the pledges with disgusting games of holding cherries in their butt cheeks and eating bananas disguised as turds from a toilet.  Eventually the movie turned into the horror flick it was advertised as but the tone didn’t change, it was still a silly mess of a film.


Just gonna strangle you with my vertebrae.

The villain of the film is Acid Sid (played in the flashback by Anthrax’s own Joey Belladonna) who was a hippie student in the 60s who was pledging into the fraternity that occupied the same house.  He supposed to take a disgusting plunge into a bathtub full of coffee, vinegar and other random shit but someone accidentally put ACID in the tub.  Sid didn’t survive and the fraternity was shut down until two decades later when a new fraternity takes residence and starts hazing their pledges which has the effect of bringing Sid back to life as a ghost/zombie/revenant…thing.  Seriously, he’s a talking zombie that can disappear and reappear whenever he wants.  He’s a combination of many things, but none of them are scary (and not funny enough for a laugh.)

As is the case with awful movies, there can usually be at least one positive thing mentioned: the effects aren’t the worst things I’ve ever seen.  That’s about as positive as I can get as some of the gore effects are at home with the rest of the silliness (ie: death by egg beater, Sid tearing out of a body he was possessing.)


The best way to watch this movie!

Overall, it’s a pretty lazy attempt at a horror movie.  The actual story would probably take up only a few pages of the script, the antagonist, Sid, is a grab bag of ideas that don’t mesh well and just is a bad attempt at creating a “Freddy” or “Jason” type of horror villain for a bad horror movie.  Even the reason for Sid coming back in the big reveal is enough to make your eyes roll into the back of your head.  The movie isn’t worth the time put into it.


Story: 2 – “Animal House” meets the supernatural, half the film is watching pledges get hazed while the other half is them getting killed.  The basic idea behind it is fine (not entirely original with the spat of killer sorority/fraternity films such as Slumber Party Massacre, The House on Sorority Row, Black Christmas, etc.) but it’s pulled off in such a lazy manner and doesn’t even come close to becoming entertaining.

Blood: 4 – Everything about the film screams “z budget” and while some effects aren’t terrible, there isn’t much to get excited about either.

Nudity: 5 – There’s a rather man-ish stripper at a party who takes her top off…yeah.  There’s a decent amount of topless sorority sisters though, yay!

Overall: 2 – Just another lazy, make a quick buck type of horror flick that flooded the rental shelves in the late 80s/early 90s.  Avoid this lazy trash.


-Heavy metal band Anthrax gets a music credit for some of the background music. 

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