Shaun vs. Filmgore (1983)

Elvira hosts a compilation film showcasing some of the goriest and grisliest kill scenes ever committed to film.  Get ready to have nightmares.

Judging a Book by its Cover



-Film?  Gore??  Elvira???  Shut up and take my money…?


-Hey now, this sounds like a compilation show.  Not an anthology, not a documentary, but a compilation film.  Hm.


-Honestly, this is a nice bit of artwork for the type of film it is.




Directed by Ken Dixon

Starring Cassandra Petersen

Starting with the film that originated the splatter genre, Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 classic Blood Feast, Filmgore compiles truncated versions of the respective movies whose bloody death sequences are being highlighted while being “pun”ctuated by Elvira’s boobs pun-heavy interruptions.  Filmgore then works its way through the next several decades showing just how far effects teams have come with the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Snuff and Driller Killer.


It looks like she caught herself by surprise.

Those thinking that the movie would censor or shy away from the goods will be pleasantly surprised by the opening ten minutes alone which are a hodgepodge of scenes tossed together before the real opening featuring the hostess with the mostess, Elvira.  The film is exactly what it sounds like, however: a literal compilation of kill scenes from mostly popular movies of the past.  Unlike the documentary-style compilation film Terror in the Aisles which uses clips to explain why people like horror films, Filmgore is just nonstop blood shooting out of people’s veins, innards getting pulled out, limbs getting hacked off, eyeballs getting gouged out, etc.


Yes, children, there really is a Boobarella.

Filmgore is what it is and if you’re looking for less story, more action, and maybe Elvira’s cleavage it delivers what you’re looking for and nothing more.  Anyone looking for any resemblance of a story will have to deal with what little story remains in the clips being shown.  Filmgore is only a recommendation for those interested in seeing how far gore effects were at the time, those with weak stomachs obviously need not apply.



Story: 4 – Filmgore is basically an extended episode of Elvira’s show with a heavy emphasis on showing the goriest clips from films from the 60s to the 80s.

Blood: 10 – Seriously, the movie is all about this.

Nudity: 8 – Seriously, the movie is mostly about this too.

Overall: 5 – Aside from the Elvira cut-ins, Filmgore is a no-frills, desensitizing hour or so of non-stop gore and boobs.

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