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Shaun vs. Evil Dead Trap (1988)


Directed by Toshiharu Ikeda

Starring Miyuki Ono, Aya Katsuragi and Hitomi Kobayashi

A Japanese talk show host takes a group of co-workers to investigate a nearby abandoned building where a series of snuff films may have been made.  Care to take a guess what happens to them? Continue reading “Shaun vs. Evil Dead Trap (1988)”

Shaun vs. Battle Royale (2000)

br1Directed by Kinji Fukasaku

Starring Beat Takeshi, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Taro Yamamoto

In a future Japan, the country has become overcrowded so the government passes the “Battle Royale” law, which takes classes of children from middle schools (junior highs) and puts them on a small island to fight to the death.  Only one student can live so it’s everyone for themselves.  Now THAT’S a reality show! Continue reading “Shaun vs. Battle Royale (2000)”