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Shaun vs. Dead Snow (2009)

Partying in the mountains of Norway, a group of students find some Nazi booty which has the odd effect of re-animating the corpses of the Nazis that rightfully stole that loot in the first place and they want it all back. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Dead Snow (2009)”

Shaun vs. Evil Ed (1995)


Directed by Anders Jacobsson

Starring Johan Rudebeck, Per Löfberg, Olof Rhodin and Camela Leierth

Poor Ed is a film editor who gets moved to the “splatter and gore” department in order to censor the bloody scenes in a hyper violent film series the studio just picked up for distribution.  He doesn’t care for that sort of thing but when threatened with being fired, he continues his work but the violence he sees takes a toll on him and he begins to hallucinate violent images that warp his fragile little mind and he starts losing his shit. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Evil Ed (1995)”