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Shaun vs. Trick or Treat (1986)

trick1Directed by Charles Martin Smith

Starring Marc Price, Tony Fields and Gene Simmons

Eddie Weinbauer is a lonely, loser metal head in high school who is given the only copy of a record (this is set in the 80s after all) that was never released from his rock idol who died in a tragic accident.  Eddie discovers the record is actually a portal and his idol is reaching out from the dead. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Trick or Treat (1986)”

Shaun vs. The First Power (1990)


Directed by Robert Resnikoff

Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Tracy Griffith and Jeff Kober

Released April 6, 1990

Rated R

A tough as nails cop teams up with a beautiful psychic to stop a serial killer who has returned from the dead to continue killing in the name of Satan. 

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