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Shaun vs. Ghosthouse aka La Casa 3 (1988)

gh1 Directed by Umberto Lenzi (as Humphrey Humbert)

Starring Lana Wendel, Greg Rhodes and Mary Sellers

Visions of a deceased girl and her doll bring doom to the visitors of a deserted house where a mysterious yet gruesome double murder had taken place. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Ghosthouse aka La Casa 3 (1988)”

Shaun vs. Eyeball (1975)

eye1Directed by Umberto Lenzi

Starring Martine Brochard, John Richardson and Ines Pellegrini

A tour bus full of tourists (obviously) are getting picked off one by one on a trip around Europe by a killer whose M.O. is removing their left eye.  What could the killer’s motive be and why is this bus still moving after the first murder?  I think the trip would be over at that point. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Eyeball (1975)”