Shaun vs. Inside (2007)

insideDirected by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury

Starring Allyson Paradis, Beatrice Dalle and Jean-Baptiste Tabourin

Months after her fiancée dies, Sarah is practically hours away from giving birth to their child.  She’s visited that night by a strange lady who only wants one thing: the baby that’s in Sarah’s belly.  One of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen ensues.


After a brief intro detailing the circumstances in the death of Sarah’s fiancee in a car accident while she and their unborn child survive.  Fast forward a few months to Christmas Eve, Sarah has kept the baby to term and is mere hours away from giving birth.  Sarah’s mother and her boss check up on her and are ready at a moments’ notice if she needs them.  The night is like any other quiet night until there’s a knock at the door.  A woman at the door wants something from Sarah.  She wants the baby.


Well after all the movies I’ve seen over the years this one left me shaken at the end.  The film is unforgiving in its violence; it never shies away from showing you the gushing wounds of the poor victims who enter this house.  Mixed in with the gore is a fight for survival as Sarah is ambushed from the beginning and does whatever she can to fight back and protect herself and her born-any-moment-from-now baby.  It made me feel a little queasy when I saw the stranger caressing Sarah’s stomach with a long pair of scissors that she intends to use to cut her open and steal the baby. If that wasn’t unnerving enough for you, minutes later those scissors are used to stab a man in the back of the knee, then the balls before finishing him off with it being stabbed in his face.  And never does the camera look away.  And that is just the start of what you’ll see, so consider this fair warning because it gets much worse.


The next hour or so is a desperate fight for Sarah and her unborn child against her attacker who takes no prisoners and doesn’t go lightly on anyone who enters the house.  The film feels like a roller coaster with the highs being Sarah rising above in her struggle to live while the lows are the grisly murders of anyone who attempts to save poor Sarah.  Once I became committed to this flick, no matter how bad it got, I couldn’t look away.  I was jolted several times at the intensity of the violence, it blew me away.  By the end of the movie, I had enough.  I was disturbed by what I saw; it got to me.  I’ve seen so many horror movies over the years, it takes a lot to get me, so for me to say “Inside” got me is, I hope, a bold statement to make.


I have no issues with the film at all (though I would imagine some viewers will hate that they will have to watch it subtitled.) It’s not a movie that is intended to be enjoyed, but if you’re looking for a movie that’ll shock you, this is what I can recommend for you.


Story: 9 – A crazy story about a crazy woman trying to steal a baby still in the womb.  Throw in a lot of intense brutality and violent scenes and you’ll be exhausted by the time the movie is done with you.

Blood: 10 – I dare not say more to not spoil it for anyone, but oh yes, there will be blood.

Nudity: 0 – Thank god, no!

Overall: 9 – I think I’ve recommended/warned you enough about this.


-The house number is ‘666.’















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