Shaun vs. Curse of Chucky (2013)

chucky1Directed by Don Mancini

Starring Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti and Brad Dourif

Nica, a young woman in a wheelchair since birth, is visited by her sister’s family after their mother is brutally murdered the same day she coincidentally received a package containing a Good Guy doll.  Chucky is back with a personal vendetta against an entire family.


As the film opens, Nica, a paraplegic, is living in a large home in the middle of the woods with only her mother.  Nica opens the door and is handed a package addressed to her mother.  When she opens it, both of them are confused when they set their eyes on a large yellow box with a Good Guy doll inside.  There’s no return address or name on the box.  They set the doll aside and go on about their day until later in the evening when Nica is awakened to the bloodcurdling shrieking coming from her mother and when she investigates she finds her mother bleeding out on the floor.


Was he made in Taiwan?

The next day, Nica’s sister Barb and her family arrive initially to help Nica out but Barb’s that kind of bitchy sister and it’s not long before she’s trying to convince Nica to sell her half of the house and move into a care home.  Nica knows she can take care of herself and refutes Barb’s “offer” as Barb’s daughter, Alice, takes a shine to a certain doll she finds and who could possibly know that she’s hugging pure evil?  Chucky eventually shows himself for the killer that he is and as the film winds down his motives become much more clearer; he has a personal vendetta against the family and he wants to finish his business with them.


Well, she is smoking hot.

If there’s one thing I can say about the Child’s Play series as a whole is that each entry is unique when you compare them to one another.  Yes, they are slashers in general they each have a different feel to them.  After Bride and Seed of Chucky went the black comedy route, many fans figured there was no way back for Chucky to be scary again but I feel Curse of Chucky proves us wrong.  Creator Don Mancini has created a film that acknowledges all the previous films — and even adds to the mythos of the original film with a flashback that provides a pretty good reason for Chucky to go after the family — all the while bringing Chucky back to his roots by keeping the doll in the background for a good portion of the film and saving the good parts for later.


Chucky meets Barbie

That doesn’t mean the film isn’t bloody though, all the films have been fairly gory and this one is no different.  Chucky stabs with several tools including his trusty knife and an axe, there’s a gushing decap early on to satisfy the gorehounds and there’s an electrocution which will make you hot under the collar…because Chucky electrocuted the super hot chick in the movie.

Now let’s talk about Chucky.  The doll seems a little bigger than in the past and I think it was just to make the head bigger to allow for more CGI on the face.  Yeah, a CGI’d face.  And it’s very, very noticeable when compared to the regular doll face.  I get that they’re using the CGI to give Chucky better facial expressions but it’s ugly and doesn’t even look the same.  The puppetry on the doll, when necessary, is excellent like always and certainly better than that CGI.  Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky and, naturally, he kills it.


I’ll see you in the sequel!

Aside from Child’s Play 3, which is easily my least favorite, I really enjoy all the films in the series and Curse of Chucky is one of the better ones.  I suppose if you don’t like Child’s Play there’s nothing here to change your mind but those that do will find there’s a lot to like about the film and should look forward to enjoying all the throwbacks to the previous movies (and stick around after the credits for an awesome cameo!)


Story: 7 – Surprisingly good for what I was initially expecting but Chucky fans should find a lot to love.

Blood: 7 – The film isn’t over the top like the last couple sequels and the gore is reigned in a bit but Chuck can still fuck.

Nudity: 5 – No real nudity but I did like Maitland McConnell in her undies.

Overall: 8 – This is the sixth movie in the series, if you don’t like it you never will but it’s a bloody good time for any CP fan to check out.


-Brad Dourif not only does the voice of the doll but returns to act on screen as Charles Lee Ray for the first time since the original film.

-Nica’s sister’s name is short for Barb but her nickname is Barbie…ha!

-Yes, Fiona Dourif is Brad’s daughter.

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