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Shaun vs. Oculus (2013)

A sister picks up her brother from a mental institution after he’s recovered from the trauma of killing his father in self defence.  The sister brings him home to destroy an evil mirror that she feels was responsible for their father’s actions. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Oculus (2013)”

Shaun vs. Curse of Chucky (2013)

chucky1Directed by Don Mancini

Starring Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti and Brad Dourif

Nica, a young woman in a wheelchair since birth, is visited by her sister’s family after their mother is brutally murdered the same day she coincidentally received a package containing a Good Guy doll.  Chucky is back with a personal vendetta against an entire family. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Curse of Chucky (2013)”

Shaun vs. Bad Milo (2013)

Duncan suffers from terrible stomach pains caused by stress.  It’s so bad it’s keeping him on the toilet all night sometimes.  Unfortunately, this actually causes a monster to form inside his…colon?…and it eventually gets out and takes out his frustrations for him in some very nasty ways.    Can he handle Milo before someone close to him becomes a victim?  Can I handle a butt-monster movie at all??  Click the link to find out! Continue reading “Shaun vs. Bad Milo (2013)”