Shaun vs. Bad Milo (2013)

Duncan suffers from terrible stomach pains caused by stress.  It’s so bad it’s keeping him on the toilet all night sometimes.  Unfortunately, this actually causes a monster to form inside his…colon?…and it eventually gets out and takes out his frustrations for him in some very nasty ways.    Can he handle Milo before someone close to him becomes a victim?  Can I handle a butt-monster movie at all??  Click the link to find out!


Judging a book by it’s cover

-I much prefer this poster to the DVD cover and I better see this scene in the proper movie or I shall be terribly disappointed.

-Seriously, if I didn’t read up on this beforehand and this is all I’m given, I’d totally expect to see a sack of intestines skateboarding.  

-Maybe it’s a pink mummy…that wraps itself with intestines…that skateboards…

-“Bad Shit Happens” What could that mean…if I take that tagline literally…what am I getting myself into?

The Trailer

The History

Directed by Jacob Vaughan

Starring Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton and Peter Stormare

Well, this being a newer movie, it came out of nowhere and shocked people with it’s premise, though instead of going full Human Centipede, they threw in some comedy to make it a little more appealing to the masses.



Duncan is suffering from some serious stress.  He gets no relief at work or at home so he tries to bottle it all up but eventually winds up with painful stomach issues and sits on the toilet all night.  One day it gets so bad that he poops out a monster which takes out the source of his stress.  With the help of a hypnotist, he tries to come to terms with his greasy ball of negativity before it takes out the one thing he loves most — his wife.  

Was it any good?

That’s a fair question considering the subject matter and I’ll even go so far as to say maybe a butt-monster movie isn’t for everyone.  However, the filmmakers actually went out to tell a story and not just go the easy route with a gore fest that happens to be done by a creature living in a dude’s behind.  Now, it is gory, but the film tries to be much more than just that, and for that extra effort I get a film that I’m totally invested in and not just for the blood.


You don’t want to interrupt this guy’s meal.

Duncan (Ken Marino) is the heart of the movie.  He’s the poor guy who gets shit on throughout the movie and then has to deal with a murderous creature that exits and enters the same orifice.  Thank God it’s played for laughs because this could’ve been a much different film otherwise.  Marino can play for laughs but after his hypnotist (the wonderful Peter Stormare) manages to separate the two, he explains that Milo is part of Duncan and he needs to be nice to it and control his stress issues or else Milo will get out again.  Of course if he can do that it wouldn’t much of a movie.

The rest of the cast does a great job with the material.  The adorable Gillian Jacobs is Duncan’s loving wife.  She is very supportive but a little pushy when it comes to having a child and becomes an unwanted target.  Patrick Warburton plays Duncan’s manipulative, asshole boss perfectly and totally deserves what he gets since he’s the biggest cause of Duncan’s issues.  And not enough can be said for Peter Stormare, who is usually a highlight to any movie he’s in.  His hypnotist has an idiosyncratic style of hypnotizing (brushing a feather across his patients’ face until they’re hypnotized) yet he plays a crucial part in helping Duncan learn to control his stress and therefor Milo as well.  

Milo himself is a mixed bag.  He looks kind of like a smaller version of E.T. with teeth.  The puppetry is alright but the puppet is a little stiff with its movements at times.  It can show a little emotion with the moving eyebrows, though they’re usually shown in the angry position and gnashing his teeth.  The real emotional parts come when Duncan is interacting with Milo.  He treats Milo almost as a baby test trial since he and his wife are trying so hard to have a child.  It gets even more real with Duncan reaching out to his deadbeat father when trying to learn of the origins of Milo.  Maybe not what you’d expect from this type of film, but it certainly leads to something much more interesting than initially expected.

bad milo 3

Can you feel the love tonight?

So enough of the emotional touchy-feely stuff, how is the gore you may be asking?  Well I’m happy to report that they didn’t skimp out on the karo syrup.  Thanks in part to the comedy aspect, the filmmakers are able to go a little more nuts with the effects.  We get a chewed off face, a pervert’s wing-wang bitten off, as well as lots of biting, clawing and blood spraying.  Thankfully there are no scenes where we see Milo exit or enter his “home.”


Blood – 7

Nudity – 1

Story – 7

Overall – 7

Final Word

While the initial subject matter will not appeal to the masses, those that take the jump into the movie will find much more than a typical monster movie.  I laughed several times throughout, was happy with the bloody FX and found a much deeper movie than I initially thought I would get.  It’s the best butt-monster movie since “Basketcase” (and if you don’t know about that, don’t worry, I’ll get to that one eventually.)  Now if you’ll excuse me, I just finished some chicken wings and have a “Bad Milo” to get rid of right away.



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