Category: giallo

Shaun vs. Terror (1978)

The country estate of filmmaker James Garrick has been haunted for centuries by a mysterious and deadly curse.  Everyone in his family line comes to a gruesome end at the hand of an unknown supernatural assailant.  When Garrick’s long lost cousin Ann unexpectedly arrives at his manor, mayhem and bloodshed soon follow.  But is Ann the person behind these acts of carnage or could something more horrifying be afoot? Continue reading “Shaun vs. Terror (1978)”

Shaun vs. A Bay of Blood aka Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971)

An elderly couple are murdered in cold blood leaving their ownership of a large expensive estate up for grabs and several people are just dying to get at that fat cash in what comes off like an R-rated take on Clue.   Continue reading “Shaun vs. A Bay of Blood aka Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971)”

Shaun vs. Eyeball (1975)

eye1Directed by Umberto Lenzi

Starring Martine Brochard, John Richardson and Ines Pellegrini

A tour bus full of tourists (obviously) are getting picked off one by one on a trip around Europe by a killer whose M.O. is removing their left eye.  What could the killer’s motive be and why is this bus still moving after the first murder?  I think the trip would be over at that point. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Eyeball (1975)”