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Shaun vs. Dead Snow (2009)

Partying in the mountains of Norway, a group of students find some Nazi booty which has the odd effect of re-animating the corpses of the Nazis that rightfully stole that loot in the first place and they want it all back. Continue reading “Shaun vs. Dead Snow (2009)”

Shaun vs. ThanksKilling (2009)


Directed by Jordan Downey

Starring Natasha Cordova, Lindsay Anderson and Lance Predmore

A Native shaman, disgraced by the pilgrims not long after they arrive in America, places a spell on a turkey that goes on a white person killing spree.  Five hundred years later, the turkey is back to kill off, specifically, five college students on their way home on Thanksgiving holidays. Continue reading “Shaun vs. ThanksKilling (2009)”