Full Moon

Shaun vs. Killjoy Goes to Hell (2012)


Directed by John Lechago

Starring Trent Haaga, Victoria De Mare, Al Burke and Tai Chan Ngo

On the charges of not being evil enough, demon clown Killjoy is pulled into the courts of Hell and put on trial.  Now he has to rely on his minions, Freakshow, Punchy and the lovely Batty Boop, to bust him out before he’s stripped of all his powers and left a shell of his former self.


It seems all the movies I own that start with K are clown movies.  So either you’re getting Killer Klowns from Outer Space or one of the four (!) Killjoy movies.  I watched Killer Klowns a month ago so you’re getting Killjoy 4, lucky you!

Killjoy is a demon who only shows up when summoned to take revenge for someone who isn’t man enough to do it himself.  Taking the form of a clown, he usually plays with his victims before coming up with some nasty way to dispatch them.  In the last movie, he fell in love with Sadie, one of his victims, and she gets away.  In this movie, since he was weak for that one moment and didn’t finish her off, he’s brought to hell on charges of not being evil enough and has his powers taken away.  He’s given an idiot lawyer with a hidden agenda and so Killjoy resurrects his three minions in order to bust him out of the court and out of Hell.


❤ Oh Batty ❤

While in court, the odds are stacked against him.  Beezlebub is the judge while The Devil’s Advocate, Jezebeth, has it in for Killjoy since he dumped her a long ago.  Killjoy meets Skid Mark, a terrible clown with a poopy problem who becomes Killjoy’s attorney but bungles every opportunity he gets.  Killjoy brings back Punchy, a clown who only speaks carny, Freakshow, a mime with a slightly dead twin fetus stuck to him, and Batty Boop, a succubus who has a thing for Killjoy.  Together they come up with a plan to get him of legitimately and if that doesn’t work, how about a demon clown uprising for shits and giggles?

The whole film is low budget silliness but what saves it from being a car wreck is that pretty much every actor seem to enjoy playing their characters and put on performances that inspire a few laughs for the movie.  Make no mistake, as bloody as the movie can be at times, it’s definitely not meant to be scary.  It’s a horror/comedy with a heavy emphasis on the comedy side of things.  Most of the characters are evil demons so Killjoy actually becomes the de facto good guy for lack of a better term and it works since you want to root for him anyway. 


When your best witnesses are a mime and a carny-talking fellow, you might be in trouble.

Trent Haaga has played Killjoy three movies in a row so he has a pretty good handle on the character.  The movies comes down to his performance and he doesn’t disappoint.  Killjoy is an evil son of a bitch who just loves what he does.  Most of his mannerisms are loud and dramatically over exaggerated at times but that’s how it works so well for Killjoy.  Another acting highlight is Victoria De Mare’s Batty Boop.  With a thick Brooklyn accent for maximum attitude, Batty is both KJ’s groupie/minion and girlfriend, but she can only take so much of his shit and might turn her back on him.

While it might not be saying much in comparison to the other movies in the series, they have consistently gotten better with each sequel so Killjoy Goes to Hell is the best of the bunch.  It’s sense of humour may not appeal to everyone, and it’s certainly hit or miss throughout, but there are some legitimate laughs and if anything it’s an interesting waste of 75 minutes.




Story: 7 – Demon clown put on trial in Hell for not being evil enough?  Yeah, that’s different.

Blood: 6 – Well, keeping in line with the subject matter of the movie, the kills are quite interesting and over the top.  Electric chair interrogation, pie to the face/head explosion, and a giant mallet crushing a head are just some of the scenes to look forward to.

Nudity: 7 – I’m pretty sure it’s a bodysuit, but Batty shows off her ha-ha’s in most of her scenes, so thank you!

Overall: 5 – It’s not for everyone and I had to watch three bad Killjoys before I saw a good one so your mileage may vary but I kinda dug this one.


-The movie was filmed in less than two weeks.

-Victoria De Mare’s Batty make up took 5 hours to apply and 2 to take off.

-Killjoy’s convict number is 256, a reference to the film being #256 in Full Moon’s movie catalog. 

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