Full Moon

Shaun vs. Dollman (1991)

doll1Brick Bardo, an intergalactic Dirty Harry, chases after a villain through outer space from this planet of Arturis to Earth. But there’s one “small” problem. He may be normal height on his planet but on ours he’s only 13” tall. Haw haw!  He befriends a woman who’s troubled by local gangs so while he’s around he may as well help her take the garbage out.

Judging a Book by it’s Cover

doll1-He’s not that much bigger than that doll head below him.  But where is he?  On a mountain of garbage?

-Great tagline.

-I would love to know what he’s shooting at.  Could be a bad guy, could be more garbage.






“Thirteen inches with an attitude!”

Directed by Albert Pyun

Starring Tim Thomerson, Kamala Lopez and Jackie Earle Haley

Well, it’s an interesting premise but that’s all it has going for it.  Aside from the movie opening with scenes where Brick is on his planet, then space chase and dealing with his nemesis (Haley) being a talking, floating head, this is just another good guys vs. gang of thugs movie that was prevalent in the late 80s/early 90s.  Brick is like a tiny, intergalactic Charles Bronson from Death Wish which sounds fun but the movie is actually quite dull.


My reaction after the movie.

Brick chases the bad guy to earth but crashes on our planet.  A boy picks up his ship, which looks like a toy, and brings it to his mother Debi. Brick meets Debi, who looks after him and helps him in his search but also convinces the tiny man to help her reclaim the neighborhood from the evil gangs that have torn the place apart.  This could’ve been a decent action/comedy but the movie is pretty straight and serious which brings it down and the lack of action hurts it even more. Maybe there are some out here who will be moved by Brick’s predicament and helping the local Earth community by getting rid of the gangs, but I’d rather see him take out waves of gang members while trying to get his rocks off fucking a Barbie doll. But that’s just me.  Brick’s size is, of course, referenced by anyone that sees him but it doesn’t seem to make much difference in what happens overall in the movie.


This is what I always wear when I leave the planet.

I like Tim Thomerson, but he essentially plays the same guy in every movie I’ve ever seen him in. He may as well be Jack Deth from Trancers in this movie.  It’s a character-type that works that works for Thomerson and Dollman was probably an easy pay check for him. The biggest surprise for me was seeing Jackie Earle Haley in the film. I’ve seen this movie several times (don’t ask why) and he never stood out until I saw his name on the credits this time.  I guess everyone has to start small … sorry.


It was so good my body exploded. C’est l’amour!

There’s a couple of nice bloody scenes, especially Brick using his overpowered cannon of a gun to turn a gang member’s body into dust and the floating head getting crushed by a full sized human.  Other than those juicy scenes, it’s just standard bullet shots throughout the movie which was unlike Full Moon to do such a film.


Must’ve been hard finding someone twelve feet tall for the role.

Story: 7 – A normal-sized police cop chases a bad guy across the solar system and lands on Earth only to discover he’s only a foot tall.  He joins forces with a woman who helps him in his search while he cleans up the neighborhood of the gangs that wrecked everything.

Blood: 3 – There are a couple of memorable scenes among the gun shot wounds.

Nudity: 0 – Pffft.

Overall: 4 – While there are a few minor laughs and some neat trick photography, Dollman dull sci-fi/action movie that barely makes use of the gimmick they advertise on the box.


– The trailer uses music from Robocop.


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