Shaun vs. The Outing (1987)

Directed by Tom Daley Starring Andra St. Ivanyi, Deborah Winters and James Huston After a home robbery goes terribly wrong, an ancient lamp winds up in a museum where an evil genie traps some teenagers in the museum and kills them off in wicked ways.  Jafar is pissed! […]

Shaun vs. Elves (1989)

Directed by Jeffrey Mandel Starring Dan “Grizzly Adams” Haggerty, Julie Austin and Borah Silver A young woman becomes an unwilling part in a Neo-Nazi scheme to conquer the world with a master race of elf-like creatures and only Grizzly Adams and her ex-Nazi grandfather can save her.  Who. […]

Shaun vs. Coming to Town (2006)

Directed by Carles Torrens Starring Howard Ferguson-Woitzman, Mark Parr and Delaney Manning A young girl writes a letter to Santa, but she doesn’t ask for dolls, toys, dresses or anything else…but revenge on the bullies at school.  I suppose if you’re nice enough, Santa will bring you anything.

Shaun vs. ThanksKilling (2009)

Directed by Jordan Downey Starring Natasha Cordova, Lindsay Anderson and Lance Predmore A Native shaman, disgraced by the pilgrims not long after they arrive in America, places a spell on a turkey that goes on a white person killing spree.  Five hundred years later, the turkey is back […]